Updated October 19th, 2016


    Greetings Llama Peoples!!!

    It has been way too long since we all got together to celebrate our favorite South American quadruped and Bank Of America spokesperson. Let’s change that!

    Totally short notice, but we’re gonna throw ourselves a good old-fashioned Llamafest on Saturday, October 29th.

    The Fest will be back at Pioneer Park in Mission Hills, 1521 Washington Place, San Diego, CA, 92103. Here is a link to the map.

    Party goes from 1pm - 6pm. Food and beverages will be provided, but feel free to bring any outdoor party gear including chairs, tables, games, and llamas. If you plan to imbibe of some of the bubbly beverages, be sure to book your Uber, Lyft, or Disco Party Rickshaw.

    Apologies for the last minute invitation. We hope to see everyone there.

    Llama On!!!!!!

Updated October 22nd, 2012

    Greetings Llama Folks,

    We are all set for Llamafest 2012. The Mayans predicted 1000 years ago that this would be the party that changed the world.  Get ready to Llamavolve.

    Again, we will be having the party at Pioneer Park.  (It used to be called Mission Hills Park, but they changed it to throw off the 5-0.)  The address is 1521 Washington Place (not street) 92103.  Here is a map to the goodness.

    We should be kicking off around noon and will go til 7pm.  If you're driving from OC, be sure to leave on the early side as traffic can get a little tricky on the weekend.  Everyone stops in Carlsbad to see Freddie The Wonder Llama.  Good show, but I think it's become too commercial.  It used to be about the llamas!

    We will have plenty of refreshments and grubbage for all.  If you plan to imbibe of some tasty fermented beverages, be sure to have a driver or call a cab.  We recommend Yellow Cab at 619-260-0100.  Why?  Because they're yellow.

    Bring anything you think you might need for a day at the park including games, chairs, sunblock, and lawn flamingos.  Lawn muskrats are also a good idea, but they're tough to get this time of year.

    The party will go til 7pm or until it gets dark and we're chased out by zombies.  It's starting to get a bit nippy in the evenings so be sure to bring something warm for the late afternoon.  Ronnie G's Jack Lemonade can also be utilized in a pinch.

    Anyhoo, we're looking forward to seeing everyone at Llamafest 23.  See you on Saturday.

    Happy Llamafest!!


Updated September 20th, 2012


     Greetings Llamafesters,

     We know that everyone has been eagerly anticipating the announcement of the best party of the year next to Guanaco Days.

     Well, the date might be late but the Llamas are right on time.

Llamafest 2012

Saturday, October 27th

Pioneer Park

     We'll have the flyer out in a couple of weeks and stay tuned to the website for more info about the party.

     If you're a fan of offroad racing, come by the Lake Elsinore track on September 29th to see Sammy The Bull and Heather Jensen race the truck in the Lucas Offroad Regional Series.

     Llamafest is a proud supporter of offroad racing and other things totally awesome!

     Take care and we hope to see all of you at the Fest in October.

Updated August 25th, 2011

 3 Days til Llamafest 2011!!!!!

     Greetings Llama Peeps,

     We are dusting off our Llama gear and ready to take over Mission Hills this Saturday, cause Llamafest 22 is on!!!

     We will be setting up the goodness at 10 am and the party officially kicks into gear at 11. As always, if you are coming from OC/LA, try to leave on the early side to avoid the gnarly traffic that will collect around Camp Pendelton and Carlsbad.  Anyone who arrives before 11 can have an ice cold beer or join the Tai Chi Air Guitarist Ninjas that are usually in the park at that time of the morning.

     Again, we are no longer at Kate Sessions Park.  Here is a map to the new location in Mission Hills.  It's a little tricky, but just enter in 1521 Washington Place (not Street), 92103 into your GPS or Himalayan sherpa, and you should be fine.

      Drinkwise, Llamafest will have kegs of Coors Light and Stone IPA as well as lots of sodas and water.  We'll also have plenty of grub for your gullet. Feel free to bring any other delectables that you might enjoy to the party. Be sure not to bring any bottles, as glass is a no no at the park, along with bull fighting and naked yo yo'ing.

     Also bring along any park related goods you might need for the day.  Chairs, towels, coolers, sunblock, frisbees, beer pong, and limbo bars are always a good idea.

     If you plan to booze yourself to the bejesus at the Fest, please make sure you have a driver or call Yellow Cab at 619-260-0100.  The park is central to all of San Diego and Yellow Cab is the preferred taxi for most South American quadrapeds.

     We hope to see you all on Saturday where the grass is green, the sun is warm, and the llamas are juuuust right.

      Happy Llamafest!

Updated June 14th, 2011

    Aloha Llamas,

    Great news!!  We found a location for the world's greatest llama party. The party will be at Mission Hills Park, 1521 Washington Place, 92103.  Big thanks to Pablo for finding this one.

     So we are all set for August 27th and Llamafest 22 - The Double Deuce.

Updated June 2nd, 2011

     Greetings Llama Faithful,

     Get out your calendars, a big red pen, any handy llama goods, and a super jumbo piña colada, cause the date is set for the Best Llama Party of the Year.

      What:  Llamafest 22

     When:  Saturday, August 27th

     Where:  We have no freakin clue.

      Again, the San Diego City Council has shooed us away from another sweet spot.  When the day of reckoning comes and the Great Llama descends from the sky, they will not be given pudding.

        Currently, we are exploring a variety of options - a veritable smorgasbord of Llama Possibilities.  Right now, we are looking into renting a facility for the party, however there are still parks in town that would allow our nonsense.  Here is a map of parks in the area that allow alcohol..

        If you have any info on some of these and you think they would be a good fit for Llamafest, please let us know and we'll have a look see.  Anyone who submits the winning location will receive an autographed copy of the Dalai Lama's "Happiness is a game of horseshoes and a Stone IPA."

      Any way you slice it, we will be Llama-ing on Aug 27th.

      Be sure to check out for news, sports, weather, and Hans Yodog with the web clip of the week.

      So stay cool, have a bitchin summer, and we hope to see you all at the Fest.


Updated August 25th, 2010

     Oh, the Time Of Llamas is almost here!!!

     We're getting prepped for everyone's favorite Llama holiday.

     Once again, we will be celebrating at Kate Sessions Park and will kick off around 12.  We're going to try to set up our llama nonsense at the top of Park Drive, the entrance to which is off Lamont St./Soledad Rd. You can't get into the park from Soledad Mountain Road on the east side, unless you come via hover bikes - in which case, ET called and he wants his ride back.

     If you're coming from LA/OC, definitely try to leave on the early side.  There's lots of Saturday traffic these days.  We'll be there at 9am, so you might be better off getting there early and listening to Davey J's Extreme Knitting stories rather than sitting in traffic.  Actually, that might be an even trade.

     Beer wise, we'll have a keg of Stone IPA and a keg of Coors Light to tantalize the taste buds.  We'll also have plenty of water - gotta stay hydrated.  Feel free to bring any other refreshments you might want such as Sparks, Clamato, or Pomegranate Spritzer - Paul's favorite.  Just no glass or bottles.

     The park is conveniently located right in the middle of SD.  If you plan to imbibe in said Clamatos, be sure to have a driver or call a taxi.  Yellow Cab's number is 619-260-0100, and for every passenger that they get from Llamafest, they will donate $2 to World Peace for Llamas.  They do good work!

     So, get ready to throw down Llama Style!

     (Not sure what that means, but who cares cause it's freakin on!)

     Happy Llamafest!!


Updated August 13th, 2010

     Hey all,

     We're cleaning out the coolers, dusting off the tents, and reserving our keg of Stone IPA. Only 2 weeks to go til we're in Shangri-Llama!

     We also placed the order for the giveaway this year - Llamafest Hats. We haven't had one of those babies since 1993. To put that into historical perspective, the wheel was invented just 2 years earlier.

     If you can't make the party but would like us to hold on to a hat for you, just email us.

     We hope everyone's ready to get their Llama on!


Updated July 24th, 2010

     Save the date and get some hay!

     Greetings Llamafesters.

     We hope you are ready for this year's edition of your favorite furry fiesta.

     Llamafest 2010

     Saturday, August 28th

     Kate Sessions Park

     Be sure to check out for any news concerning the party... although I think the last time the website was updated a lot of us were still doing the Macarena.

     Llamarena??? Somebody get on that.

     Anyhoo, keep the Llama in your thoughts and we hope to see you all at the Fest.

Updated October 26th, 2009

     Greetings Llamafesters,

     We hope everyone had spectacular time at Llamafest 20.

     We wanted to send a big thank you to Chris Burris this year for turning the Llamafest flyer into the coolest stickers this party has ever seen.

     Also thanks to Paul and Randy for arriving early to help stake out our spot at the park before it was conquered by wedding folk.  And, even though he couldn't make it to the party this year, Colin's portable horseshoe pits worked out great.

     With four time consecutive champions, Colin and John absent from the Fest this year, the coveted Horseshoe trophies went to Randy Pruitt and Jeff Becker.  They might have an asterisk next to their win for bypassing the A-team, but they threw a mighty fine shoe.

     We're a little short on photos this year.  So far, only Meredith has sent in her goods.  If you have any pics from the party, please send them to Davey J.  They should be up next week.

      Also, we have some extra Llamafest 20 shirts, sizes S, XL, XXL.  Email if you would like one of your very own.  It would also make a kick ass gift for Grandma!

     Again, thanks for coming out, and we'll see you all next year.

Peace.  Love.  Llamas.


Updated October 6th, 2009

Llamafest 20 is on like Donkey Kong!!


It is also on like Halo 3 and Frogger.



    Greetings Llama Faithful.

    The World's Greatest Llama Party is all set for this Saturday and will kick off at 11am at Kate Sessions Park.  We will be setting up between 9 and 10, so if you're up early, feel free to stop by and have a Stone IPA during your morning yoga or chainsaw juggling class.  Here's the map to get to Kate Sessions.  The park is 5 minutes from downtown PB, so don't be shy about taking the $4 cab ride.

    We are shooting for the same area in the park that we had last year at the top of the hill.  There is a wedding happening at some point during the day so we might get booted from our corner.  What couple get's married the same day as Llamafest, you ask?  A lucky couple!  If we have to mosey, we should be easy to find.  Keep your eyes peeled for llamas - I've always wanted to say that.
     We will have plenty of food, booze, and fun for the masses.  Be sure to bring all of your park goodies.  Lawn darts make good shish kabob's and frisbees can double as beer pitchers. 


   Right now it looks like the weather is going to be sunny and 70.  However, it might get a little chilly later in the day, so be sure to bring something warm.  I recommend whiskey, but a long sleeve shirt would do. 

    If you have any questions about the party feel free to email us.  Otherwise, we will see you on Saturday.
    Happy Llamafest, everyone!!!


Updated August 18th, 2009

    Aloha Llama Peeps,

    The date is set for for the greatest llama party in the world.  And this year, our little fiesta is turning 20.  Who freakin knew?  The date will be Saturday, October 10th and we're going for our second year at Kate Sessions Park in beautiful Pacific Beach, CA.

    If you're on Facebook, be sure to join the brand spankin new Llamafest group

    Meanwhile, in the realm great (or maybe, insane) minds thinking alike, it seems that there are more fans of the Llama out there than we thought.  We were contacted a few months ago by the Llama Brotherhood in Arkansas.  These guys embraced the llama in much the same way we did, and are taking llama nonsense to a whole new level.  Be sure to check out their page at  Some of their photos will blow your mind!

    Stay tuned to for news, updates, and ways to save money when dry cleaning your llama, and we hope to see you all at the Fest.


Updated August 2nd, 2009

    Greetings all,

    A tragedy has struck the Llamafest community.  Our good friend, Chris Sheetz, was injured in July when he dove into a pool and hit his head.  He injured his C-5 & 6 vertebrae, and the initial diagnosis was that he would never walk again.

    To make matters worse, Chris didn't have health insurance.  Although his wife and children were fully covered, Chris was in the process of starting a business with a lifelong friend, and did not have a policy for himself.

    Anyone who has met Chris knows of his kindness, sidesplitting sense of humor, and unequivocal love of his family and friends.

    We at Llamafest are asking everyone to take some time to check out the website devoted to him and help in any way possible.  Please join us in our support, and believe, like we do, that Chris Will Walk!


Updated November 24, 2008

    Llamafest 2008 photos are up and running. Thanks go out to Dimitar and Craig for all the great shots.  Craig went above and beyond, and is now the front runner for Official Llamafest Photographer, as long as he doesn't mind being paid in Tecates.

    And for all you nostalgia buffs, Walter Harriman recently found a few more photos in his archive from Llamafest 95.  I think the president then was Calvin Coolidge.


Updated November 21, 2008

    Greetings all.

    We hope everyone had fun at this year's Fest.  I think we can all agree that Kate Sessions Park is the shiz-nit!!

    Big thanks go to Colin for making the portable horseshoe pits, and to Randy for making custom stakes welded with the official 12 degree angle. Those things worked out great.  Put your orders in now and those guys will make you a set that would be a great addition to anyone's living room.

    And congrats to John and Colin for an unprecedented 4th straight horseshoe championship.  I say next year, they have to stand 5 feet further back and throw a 50 pound shoe.

    We'll get photos up on the site as soon as we can.  If you've got some good llama pics, be sure to send them to Davey J.

    Thanks again for coming out, and we'll see you next year for Llamafest 20.


Updated November 11, 2008

    Helloooo Llamafesters!

    Hope you're getting ready for the best llama party of the year.

    We just wanted to give some final notes for the party.

    People not familiar with the park can find a map and driving directions by clicking here.  We will be inside Park Drive, towards the top of the hill.  Look for llamas, tents, and Randy, in that order and you can't miss.

        The weather looks like it's going to be rockin in the high 70's.  However, it will get a tad windy and cooler later in the day, so be sure to bring a long sleeve shirt, sweater vest, or gorilla suit.

    Take care and we'll see you on Saturday.



Updated October 31, 2008

    Llamas Inbound Hot!!

    Well, it’s been a long time coming, but your favorite Llama Holiday is just around the corner.

    The location of these llama antics will be at Kate Sessions Park in PB and will go from 11am til 6pm. We will be setting up at the top, right next to the entrance on Park Drive around 9:30.

    There is plenty of parking up there, but if you’re going to be helping  yourself to a fermented liquid that rhymes with "Meer," we recommend taking the $4 cab ride up Lamont St.

    We will have plenty of grub and refreshments, but if you got a hankerin for wine coolers or wheat grass smoothies, bring them along.  Park rules are the same as beach rules - No glass, and if you see him, say hi to Slow Mo. 

    Also, if you’ve got a frisbee, beer pong table, lawn darts, or other wholesome park goodies, be sure to bring em.

    Happy Llamafest everyone, and we'll see you on the 15th!!


Updated September 30th, 2008

    Hey there Llamafans.

    The date has been set for the best llama party in the world.



    Right now, the plan is to have the party at Kate Sessions Park in PB.  If that changes, we will be sure to notify everyone.  But make no mistake, the Llamas will be rolling on the 15th.

    Stay tuned for more updates about the party, and some very cool info in the realm of Llamafest Offroad Racing.

    See you all at the Fest.

Updated June 20th, 2007

    Greetings all,

    That was a lot of Llamas!

    Thanks for coming out and making it the biggest Llamafest this state has seen since the 40's.  Then again, those 40's guys were a giant Freemason sect that had bizarre rituals and ran the state senate.  Who knew Bob Hope was a Llama Mason?

    Anyhoo, congrats to John and Colin for winning yet another Llamafest Horseshoe championship.  Those guys are quickly becoming the NY Yankees of beach shoes.  I say if they win next year, we split them up and ship Colin off to Tampa Bay.

    I know you're all waiting for photos.  Ditto over here.  Only Naomi and Sammy The Bull have sent in their goods.  As soon as we get a few more sources, we'll put them up on the site.  If you have any photos from the party, please send them to DJ.

    Peace, Love, & Llamas.


Updated June 8th, 2007

    The time of the Llamas has come and we're not taking any crap from giraffes.

    Tips for the Llamafest rookie

            -If you're driving into town, get to Mission Beach before 11am to secure a parking spot.

            - The weather outlook is mid 60's and some wind so you might want to bring a long sleeve shirt or grow some hair on your arms.  Paul, you'll be fine.

            -Don't forget to bring a towel, sunblock, your horseshoe throwin arm, and any Danny Bonaduce memorabilia. 

            -You won't need your fondue set, Real Estate exam books, or Vacation Arkansas pamphlets.

    Tips for the Llamafest veteran

            -Pace yourself with Ronnie's lemonade or you'll find yourself napping by 2.

    Again, here is a map of street parking hours and parking lots in Mission Beach.

    See you at the Fest!!!


Updated May 25th, 2007

    Llamafest is proud to sponsor the Dezert Outlaw/Jenkins Motorsports 1505 truck in the 2007 Baja 500.  The race is June 1-3 in and around Ensenada.  Come out and support the team... or at least, pick yourself up a taco.



Updated May 23rd, 2007

    Hello all,

    Llamafest is set for June 9th, and we now have a location.  We'll be in Mission Beach at Tangiers Ct. on the ocean side.  It's a few blocks north of where we've been in previous years.  Just think, in 900 years this baby will be in Alaska.

    Parking tends to be a beyotch, so try to get to the party as early as possible.  We'll be on the beach setting up shop at 10am.  If you're not able to find street parking, here are some lots in the area.

    Food and drinks will be provided as always, and the horseshoe tourney begins at 2.

    Click here for the 2007 Flyer.

    See you all at the Fest.



Updated April 20th, 2007


    Greetings Llamafesters!
    We hope that your new year has been filled with love, kindness, and animals that can spit upwards of 30 yards.
    Well, mark your calendar cause the date is set for the greatest llama party in the world. 








    The beach location of said Llamafest is a little up in the air right now, but we'll have it figured out before you start dusting off your boardshorts and g-string bikinis.

    Take care and we'll see you all at the Fest.

    -The Llama High Council

Updated August 5th, 2006


Hello all,

    Thanks to everyone for making this past Llamafest one for the books.  (Of course the book is "I Got Sand In My Jack Daniel's Lemonade And I Don't Care".)

    We would offer congratulations to Colin and John for winning back to back Llamafest Horseshoe Championships, however we tested Colin for anabolic steroids and he came up positive.  We were going to test his B sample but Randy drank it.  So we just gave up.

    There were some items left at DJ's house after the Fest.  They include:

            - A big panda blanket

                        - A blue beach umbrella

             - Two identical folding chairs - they were siamese twins, but they were separated yesterday.

            - A pink visor that reads "Hualalai" - which we think is Hawaiian for "Pink Visor"

    If any of this stuff is yours, send an email to DJ and he'll either hold it for you, or make a lamp out of it.  He likes lamps.

    I know you're all waiting for Llamafest 2006 photos, and all I can say is, "Be patient."  I could also say, "Moonpie Fraggle Rock," but I'm not going to go there.  They will be up on the site this week, and believe you me, there are some keepers.  Thanks to Pablo, Sammy, Amy, Sonya, and those crazy Murtaugh's for sending in the goods.

    Anyhoo, thanks for coming out to the Fest and we'll see you all next year.

    Llama On, Dude!


Updated July 13, 2006

    Greetings Llamafolks.

    We are all set for the 18th Annual Llamafest.  If you go to a better Llama Party this year, you get a new Ford Explorer.....Hot Wheels.

    The party starts at 12pm on Saturday July 22nd, and as always will be on the ocean side of Mission Beach at Portsmouth St.  For a map of Mission Beach and local parking spots click here.  To secure parking for the day, try to get here as early as possible. We'll be setting up around 10 am.

    We will be starting the Llamafest Horseshoe Tournament at 1pm this year so we don't end up throwing shoes in the dark again and clonking some unfortunate soul on the head. (On a good note, Ronnie G has relearned math and can now count to 10.  Just don't ask about 6.)

    So, come one come all.  Llamafest is turning 18 and can now legally vote, drive, join the army, get a tattoo, and fish in Nevada.  Don't miss out on the fun.

    -The Llama High Council


Updated May 10, 2006

    Aloha Llamafans.

    The date is set for the Best Llama Party in Town.
    LLAMAFEST 2006 - Saturday, July 22nd in Mission Beach.
    Beach party will start at 12 noon and go til the lifeguards kick us out, the sun goes away, or we're attacked by grunions.
There will be cocktails, food, llamas, horseshoes, sand, ocean, sun, ice, llamas, Yoo-Hoo, margaritas, cantaloupe, live birds, art, soup, Hare Krishnas, Boba Fett, dancing gnomes, freeze-dried ice cream, Hula Hoops, frisbees, mangos, sky divers, limbo contests, snowmen, barbershop quartets, waterskiing, candygrams for Mongo, ukuleles, easter egg hunts, ice sculptures, circus peanuts, koosh ball juggling, panda seminars, Frank Lloyd Wright models, Q-berts, skeet surfing, 10 lords a leaping, stenographers, freedom fries, Long Duc Dong, organ grinders, suma cum laudes, the radio's too laude, hamster races, the number 6, and methodists.
    In that order.
    Take care and we hope to see you at the Fest.


Updated July 19th, 2005

    Greetings Llamafesters,

        Well, that worked.

    We hope everyone had a good time at the festivities, and in case you cannot remember much, trust us, you had fun.

    Congratulations to Colin and John for winning the Llamafest Horseshoe Tournament.  This is the first time that the Becker/Pruitt combo has been defeated.  Of course, Randy's in charge of the trophy engraving, so your names might be lost in the shuffle, but for now you're the winners.

    There were a lot of unclaimed items at the Fest this year.  If you have lost or found anything, check out our L&F page.  (I didn't post the "Found $1200 Cash" listing.  I'll just hold on to that one for safe keeping...)

    We will have some 2005 Llamafest photos up soon, so keep checking back to the site.  If you have any photos from this year, please send them along to Davey J.

    Take care, and the next time you come across some llamas, spit on them! They dig it.

    The Llama High Council


Updated July 15th, 2005

    In response to a couple of queries we've had recently, food and drinks at the Lluau will be provided by Llamafest. 

    However, you're on your own if you're looking for Zima, Peach Flavored Beer, Mr. Pibb, Cran-rasz-grape-melon-berry Shasta, Colt 45, Colt 46, Earl Grey, FRAPPUCCINNO, Cheap Port, Brass Monkey, Paul Newman's Calypso Fro-gurt, Gout Cola, or Tab.

    Also, if you're not familiar with the area, here is a map of parking lots and street parking for Mission Beach.

    Happy Llamafest!!!!


Updated July 5, 2005

    Are you ready for some LLAMAS??????

    That's right.  We're back for another year of the greatest llama parties that San Diego has ever seen.  Even better than Michael Flatley's "Llamas Of The Dance."

    The 3rd annual Llama Lluau and Shoe Tournament will run from 12 noon until 6pm on Saturday, July 16th. We will be on the ocean side of Mission Beach near Portsmouth Street.  Just look for some tents, beer, and llama related nonsense, and there's a 61% chance that'll be us.

    Then, come 9pm, the 17th annual Llamafest will be taking place at Guava Beach Bar and Grill, which is conveniently located 1 block away from the Lluau, on the corner of Portsmouth and Mission Blvd.  Click here for a map to the event, or for a copy of this year's flyer.

    So, get ready to spit on someone you love.



Updated November 15, 2004

    Hey Llamafans. We hope you all had a good time at Llamafest. Anyone who was coerced into doing too many shots of Jim Beam can find a support group by dialing 1-800-NO-MO-BEAM.

    We've got some photos from the party that you can see by clicking here

    We are also in the process of ordering more of the "Oh So Hot" Llamafest Women's T-shirts. If you didn't get one, or if you just don't have enough pink in your wardrobe, send an email to Davey J.

    Anyhoo, thanks for coming out and we'll see you next year.



Updated October 21, 2004

    All-righty then.

    We are all set for the 16th Annual Festival of Llamas, which will be held at The Pennant, located at 2893 Mission Blvd. in South Mission Beach, and kick off around 9 pm.

    For those of you coming from out of town, there is an abundance of nice hotels in the area including:

The Bahia     858-488-0551

Catamaran    858-488-1081

Dana Inn       619-222-6440

    There are also many hotels for the people who would rather spend their hard earned money on their friends Jack, Jim, and Jose.

Best Western   858-488-4700

The Surfer       858-483-7070


    And, if you think that your head will still be functioning properly on Sunday morning, we will be organizing a trip to see the New Orleans Saints take on the San Diego Super Chargers at the Q.

    Anyone intersted in signing up, click here.

    So, Cowboy Up!

    And Llama Down!

    We'll see you all at the Fest!!!!

Updated September 30, 2004

    Aloha Llama Fans.  

    Well, the time has come.  

    Time to go to the rooftop and proclaim love for the greatest animal on four legs.  (And for those of you who yelled, "Hedgehog", you're off the Christmas list.)  

    That's right.  Llamafest 2004 is on.  

    Saturday November 6th, in lovely San Diego, California.

    We'll get the flyer out to you in a couple of weeks with the specifics - Where, When, and Who Let The Dogs Out.  Actually, it was Mr. T, but I'm not going to bring it up when I see him there.  

    Also, the following day, is a football match between the Power-House San Diego Chargers and the Power-Bar New Orleans Saints.  We will be organizing a tailgate party at the game for anyone who wants to stick around on Sunday and enjoy some top notch grub with some low grade football.

    So mark your calendar, stick a pin in your sundial, and tattoo it on your cat.  

    The best llama day of the year is coming.  

    Happy Llamafest.  

    The Llama High Council


Updated August 14th, 2003

    Hola Llamafans,

    The photos from the Lluau and Llamafest have been placed on the site for your enjoyment, and to help you remember the fact that you probably wore a wig for a good portion of the evening. You can see them by clicking here.

    If you have some more photos, be sure to send them along to Davey J.



Updated August 5th, 2003

    Well, that was interesting.

    We hope that everyone had a great time at San Diego's first Llamafest and Llama Lluau. Definitely an event that will be listed in the California History textbooks ...provided someone knows a good way to break into the print shop.

    Special props are sent out to Jess Alberti and her friend Kerry for snagging the Llamafest banner when it was considered gone for good. Too bad they couldn't keep an eye on the tremendous amount of brain cells lost at the party. On a side note, does anyone know how to get drool off a keyboard?

    And congrats to Randy Pruitt and Jeff Becker for winning the coveted Llama Lluau Horseshoe trophies. I haven't seen athleticism like that since the Lawn Dart Championship of '77.

   Good news is that there are plenty of t-shirts left. So if you need an extra shirt, or you just need something artsy to keep the cat warm, send an email and 9 cents to Davey J.

    We should have some photos up within the week, so you'll be able to see how much fun you were having while standing in the oven that was the upper stairs at Maloney's. In the meantime, Amy Peppi took some great shots at the Lluau that you can see at Ofoto by clicking here.

    Hasta La Vista, and Llama On!

    -The Llama High Council


Updated July 29th, 2003

Greetings Llama-folks,

Well, what we thought was a nice quiet bar that we could take over with our Llama shenanigans, turns out to be a Gaslamp hotspot on Saturday nights.  

Who knew?  

So, two things to remember about this Saturday.  

1)  Try to get to Maloney's close to 9-ish.  The later you arrive, the greater the chance that you will have to wait in a short line.  

2)  Bring a copy of the Llamafest flyer.  We've worked out a deal with the bar that Llamafesters do not have to pay the cover charge.  If you do happen to forget the flyer, just mention that you are there for the "Llama Party".  You will either be taken to the bar, or to a mental institution for your own protection.  

You can find the flyer by clicking here

Take care, and we hope to see you at the Fest and the Lluau.  

-The Llama High Council


Updated July 25th, 2003

    We are all set for the best Llama party West of the Pecos - which I believe is somewhere in Switzerland.

    For those who want to test their alcohol endurance and their horseshoe accuracy, the 1st Annual Llama Lluau & Shoe Tournament will be held in Mission Beach from 12pm - 5pm on the day of Llamafest.

    For a map to the event click here. For a look at the Lluau Flyer, click here. For nudie pictures of Wilford Brimley, click here.

    Should be a nice precursor to the craziness that is Llamafest....and we'll have a keg. So that's all good.

    Take care, and we'll see you all at the Fest.

    - The Llama High Council


Updated July 2nd, 2003

    Just a quick note that the Llamafest History page has been beefed up a couple of years. Don't forget to check out the Johnny D story from 1999. It is wild wacky stuff.


Updated June 25th, 2003

    Hola Llamafans,

    Well, take the Llama out of the yard, give her a good sprucing up, and pour some malt liquor down her gullet, cause we're set for Llamafest 2003 - in San Diego!

    That's right. After 8 great years of NYC Llamafests, The Llama is going West Si-i-i-ide to Southern California. A veritable Llama-West, if you will.

    The date is Saturday, August 2nd, and will be held in the Gaslamp District. When we find a place that is worthy of Llamafest (that meaning, anyplace that will let us bring in our abundance of Llama crap) we'll be sure to pass that along.

    No new site content as of now, but stay tuned for this year's flyer, the story of Johnny D's NYC Odyssey of 2001, and getting Jacko's Llamafest History back up to date.

    Take care, and we hope to see all of you at the Fiesta Del Llamas on Aug. 2nd.

    -The Llama High Council